Used Car

Left Handle

Now available!

Good news if you are looking for Japanese used cars in good condition.
We have been unable to offer you Japanese domestic models in the past.
Now we have just started offering left-hand cars after converting its handle.

Handle Convert Service - click to details
1. about engineers
2. about Handle conversion fee
3. sample photos

converting converting converting

Japanese experienced engineers
New Trading offers handle conversion of cars with the cooperation of a partner company.
It is rare to find engineers in Japan who can convert cars to left-hand drive.
We can guarantee that they do their job with enough care and precision,
so we can deliver you safe left hand cars.

Handle conversion fee
Prices include fee for technical task, parts such as dashboard etc.,
consumables (e.g. paints, oil, air-conditioner gas ) and other needed components.
Prices depend on car models and parts cost.
Please feel free to ask for quotation by clicking the inquiry button below.


Sample pics- after completion of converting

sample 1 TOYOTA Landcruiser PRADO
sample 2 TOYOTA RAV 4