Used Car

Piggy Back Ride 2

For those who are planning to purchase a truck,
would you like to try to send bicycles and car parts in addition to your purchase?

We are offering a new loading method by placing packed used bicycles, used tires or car parts on its truck bed.

Piggy back ride2 Piggy back ride2

Freight cost is only for a flatbed truck. The blue space is not included.
If you try the new offer, you can save money for freight of items on the back of the truck.

Avairable trucks e.g. TOYOTA Dyna truck, TOYOTA Toyoace etc.
truck bigger than 2-3t
Example items for loading Used bicycles, Used tires, Car parts
(except fragile parts like front glass, etc.)
* 1. Example of contents Used bicycle 15-20units(see the pics below)
* 2. Example of contents Used tires 10pcs.
Car parts(shock absorber) 10pcs.
Available destination Kiribati, Samoa, Tonga, Fiji etc.
(departure from Japan via Fiji to a place of destination

HOW TO LOAD - TOYOTA Dyna Truck 2.0t

Dyna Truck

After taking the flaps down, the loading will start.


Assemble wooden frames to fit to the flatbed of the truck, used bicycles are loaded into the frame.

tighten by rope

Bicycles are fastened by rubber ropes to prevent from collapsing.


Finish loading, by fixing the whole case with bundle for safety.


TOYOTA Dyna Truck 2.0t (only)

Dyna Truck Freight to TARAWA(KIRIBATI) US$ 4,470.00

TOYOTA Dyna Truck 2.0t and 20 used bicycles

Dyna Truck and 20 bicycles Freight to TARAWA(KIRIBATI) US$ 4,570.00

Freight for Dyna Truck 2t and 20 bicycles : US$4,470.00
Packing fee : US$ 100.00

Please feel free to inquire. inquiry